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Case Study: “Remy” – Aversion to Towels

Behavior complaints: Human-directed aggression while being toweled off. Client reports that Remy runs at the sight of the towel. When her owner has held Remy by the collar to towel her off, Remy will bite her hands, especially during the toweling of her thighs, tail, and rump….

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Reinforce This!

Video examples of delivering reinforcement to different species, from dogs to genets, porcupines to lorikeets…

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Boo! Training a Bear 2019

Readers were introduced to Boo, a male grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horriblis), in the Winter 2018 and Winter 2019 issues of the IAABC Journal. Born in 2002, Boo weighs around 550-600 pounds in the spring, and up to 750-850 pounds in the winter before hibernation.

We came to take care of Boo after he and his brother Cari were orphaned at approximately 5 months of age, when their mother was shot by a poacher…

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Experiencing Natural Encounters, Inc. as a Professional Animal Trainer

I applied to the Natural Encounters Inc. (NEI) professional animal training course in April. I spent the rest of the year eagerly anticipating the course. I figured January was a great time to head to Florida, especially since I’m from cold Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I had seen my colleagues take the course and they had nothing but praise for it. And since all I heard was “It’s incredible! It will change your life!” this course had really set the bar high for itself…

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Experiences from CICA 2020

With great enthusiasm, I traveled to Mexico City to participate in CICA 2020. I arrived two days earlier to meet my IAABC Mexico colleagues and to finally get to know some members of our volunteer team in person. Along with Sandy Guevara, Paola Morali, and Hugo Bravo, our regional director, I enjoyed delicious meals (hardly ever knowing what it was that I was eating…) always accompanied by great conversations. These people also saved me from trying sauces and dips that would have been way too hot for my German-Chilean taste, and Hugo even…

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