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Beyond the Gate

Have you done cat reintroductions for clients, where everything was going fine until they removed the gate? Perhaps a cat chased the other one once the gate was removed. Or a cat just turned and hid when there was no gate. Or one cat played in a manner that was too rough for the other one. I find that this means that not enough was taught before ceding control over to the cats. Some basic learning was missing.  If cats only eat on either side of the gate before the gate is removed, they have learned very little about each other…

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Training to Keep Cats Safe in Cars

Veterinarians must do the impossible to preserve the physical and emotional health of their patients. Advising owners on how to transport their pets in a vehicle is essential, since it is common for dogs and cats to travel for clinical consultation by car, where if the owner does not take the necessary precautions, pets can suffer injuries of different severity, and even die, in the case of a collision…

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