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Case Study: “Remy” – Aversion to Towels

Behavior complaints: Human-directed aggression while being toweled off. Client reports that Remy runs at the sight of the towel. When her owner has held Remy by the collar to towel her off, Remy will bite her hands, especially during the toweling of her thighs, tail, and rump….

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Should Play Be Part of a Puppy Kindergarten Class?

Early puppy socialization classes can have the most beneficial effect on the future success of a dog’s life. Good classes teach owners how to better understand their puppy, while introducing the puppy during their most critical learning period to all the things they will encounter in their life with humans….

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When Academic Life Meets Dog Life

Having a desire for balance between life and work is something that most people can easily relate to. Being in academics can be challenging in and of itself. Add in work and your own dogs, and it can feel pretty daunting at times. This is my story as a PhD candidate, dog behavior consultant, and dog carer…

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