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Experiencing Natural Encounters, Inc. as a Professional Animal Trainer

I applied to the Natural Encounters Inc. (NEI) professional animal training course in April. I spent the rest of the year eagerly anticipating the course. I figured January was a great time to head to Florida, especially since I’m from cold Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I had seen my colleagues take the course and they had nothing but praise for it. And since all I heard was “It’s incredible! It will change your life!” this course had really set the bar high for itself…

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Petting and Stroking Parrots

Many of our clients have been told not to pet their parrots. Don’t touch your bird here, don’t touch your bird there…but of course they (and we!) still want to, and can’t always resist. This leaves the question: What can we do, and what should we tell our behavior clients to do? Rather than talk about what not to do, let’s examine some ways that we can interact with a parrot and also what we might encourage our clients to do instead of touching and stroking parrots that can enrich our lives as well as theirs, and build a stronger relationship….

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