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Socially Conscious Sheltering

The concept of socially conscious sheltering (SCS) as an approach to sheltering was developed in Colorado by shelter leaders Apryl Steele, DVM, Jan McHugh-Smith, Lisa Pederson, and Judy Calhoun. Three of these shelter leaders co-authored an article, “Crisis in Animal Welfare,” published in the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association newsletter The Voice in 2018. Steele…

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Coping with Quarantine at a Shelter

Every shelter likely experiences some sort of disease uptick during certain times of year. At MCACC East, we are no different. In May 2019, staff and volunteers noticed an increase in the number of sick dogs at our shelter. We kept waiting for the numbers to abate as they usually eventually do, but instead numbers continued to climb at an alarming rate….

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Kids and Shelter Dogs Teach Each Other

As a professional working in animal behavior and training, I have always enjoyed the partnership of human and non-human animal, and what a better way to embrace that than to start teaching young people to respect and love animals. That was my inspiration to create a couple of programs for children at the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA where I lead the Behavior Department….

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